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Our sustainability policy

At La Dolce Vita Holiday Villas, we are committed to protecting the biodiversity of our neighboring environment and in making our location a very special part of our guests’ stay.

A critical part of the sustainability program is caring for the local environment and community, through preservation actions or educational initiatives, as well as involving local villages and nearby residents and businesses.

Through the use of environmentally friendly materials, construction processes, employee education programs, locally grown organic vegetables as well as the use of solar panels to supply the bulk of our electrical needs we hope to be a sustainable, eco-friendly resort.


• To be realistic in setting goals, according to local considerations and development, so that environmental measures and actions will not undermine the quality of the guest experience.
• To implement measures of natural resources management (energy, water, raw materials) and waste, with the aim of improving the local environment and to encourage other members of the tourism industry to undertake corresponding initiatives.
• Environmental measures will feature in order of priority: a) the use of local recycled, recyclable and natural, biodegradable materials, b) energy and water saving, c) minimizing and re-using waste and d) controlling air / soil / water pollution.
• To increase level of awareness of environmental issues within our own organization, to local residents, hotel guests and business partners.
• To include improved environmental considerations in all new building and renovation plans.
• To balance financial benefits from waste management and energy saving against increased initial costs of other improvements.

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